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Travel Information

Travel tips for making your
cross-border RiverQuest
a breeze.

It's important to remember that the 1000 Islands is an international destination.

Proper identification is required at all border crossings. RiverQuest strongly recommends bringing a passport, enhanced driver’s license or a NEXUS frequent-traveler card to ensure access to all our partner destinations.

Certain restrictions are in place for taking products such alcohol, tobacco, and certain foods across the border. Please be prepared to declare all items along with receipts to border agents.

Immigration and customs requirements are subject to change without notice.

RiverQuest suggests you obtain and review current literature published by Canadian and U.S. Border Protection Agencies prior to your visit.

For more information please visit:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Alexandria Bay, NY office
(315) 482-2261

Canada Border Services Agency

Port of Lansdowne, ON office
(613) 659-2301